Younger is fuzz-filtered, middle-fingers-up art rock that declines predictability...
— Treynor Reis, Des Moines Music Coalition

Photo by Bill Adams

Amanda Crosby

Rachel Sauter

Sarah Mannix


After kicking around in other bands for years, Amanda Crosby, Sarah Mannix, and Rachel Sauter formed Younger in 2014 as an experiment. What could happen if songs were written as a complete collaboration? Their original aim was to geek out about weird song structures and challenging harmonic intervals without being a real band at all. Inspired by their excellent public school music education and deep love of art rock, they accidentally wrote their first self-titled album. A rhythmically tight, raucous sound had emerged; dressed with three part harmonies.

Night Milk, Younger’s second full length, is unapologetically tough, sly, and complex. The listener walks away humming riffs and melodies while also wondering what just happened. The idea for the album came from late night conversations about their tumultuous twenties. These songs tell their collected stories of terrible romances, bad behavior, complicated friendships, self-loathing, and feeling adrift.